Congratulations with the new addition to your family, and thank you for your interest in our services! Forehead Kisses is located in the Bay Area/ San Francisco as our client you will gain highly experienced and exceptional mother/partner support, which in turn will give you the best hands on care strictly on your terms. It is our desire that all of our clients receive the best doula, nanny, caregiver services satisfying their needs while experiencing non-judgmental care and continuous nannysupport that is sensitive to each individual family. Forehead Kisses hold a special place in our hearts for the care of partners, single mothers, teen parents and help to ease partners into parenting. We strive to support both parents as a couple, and empower the partner to be the best support person they can be! Our service’s began many years ago with my great grandmother, Minnie Lee a loving, devoted nanny and doula hoping to develop a network of professional doulas to assist the community with their individual needs to women . Since then, We have been serving moms and their families proudly for over twenty five years. We have been successfully helping Bay Area based families find the right solution to their childcare and doula needs for the past two decades. We can help you too.

Forehead Kisses nannies, doulas, caregivers are all trust-lined, and willing to undergo a drug test & screening process. This way you can rest to assured that your little ones will be well taken care of. Forehead Kisses are longtime members of the International Nanny Association. Here’s what parent’s and nannies’s are saying about Forehead Kisses! “Forehead Kisses are commitment to professional excellence and customer service is unsurpassed as the #1 leading and most trusted in the Bay Area/ San Francisco”.

Childcare: Nannies, Mannies, Weekend Sitters, Resort Nannies, Event Care, Wedding and Party Childcare

Doula: Postpartum Doulas, Birthing Coach, Sleep Trainer