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Our nannies enjoy and love working two or three babies. What does it mean to share care? If you want to use a professional nanny but don’t think you can afford the expense, consider share care. “It’s a way for parents to use the services of a professional nanny, usually the most expensive form of childcare, while sharing the cost with others.


Nanny Share : An Affordable Option to Daycare
We believe that experience and education provide the best experience for children.
Our nannies will provide a fun, nurturing and enriching/educational environment each day in your home.

Two/ three families hire a professional nanny with many years of experience to care for their children either on a full-time or part-time basis. Most families who nanny share will hire a nanny and have her care for both family’s children at the same time.

🌻Find an affordable solution to your childcare needs
🌻Provide socialization opportunities for your children/children’s
🌻Reduce the exposure of your children to sickness
🌻Children receive socialization while still remaining in a home environment.
🌻By sharing the salary you can hire a higher paid, more experienced professional career nanny than you might otherwise be able to afford.

Share care is a perfect way for your little ones to have a whole lot of fun, be given all the TLC they need while you are at work and to make some special friendships. This influences them to become socially well-adjusted and ready for preschool when they turn 3 years old.SHARE 1
Things that make a successful Nanny Share work:

1) Similar schedules 9- 12 hours a day and/or 30-50 hours a week.

2) Children should either be of similar ages or sibling splits so that care can be divided equally amongst all the children’s needs (the typical nanny/child ratio for a Nanny Share is 1:2 or 1:3)

3) An ideal nanny share would have no more than 3 children with at least 2 of the children being in the same age group or 3 babies BEING THE SAME AGE.

4) If the nanny is working in both households, families should live close together so the nanny does not have a long commute to one’s household. If the children are newborn -1 years old I find it is best to share at one house willing to do what works for both families.

5) Similar philosophies concerning the day’s routine, activities and outings desired for the children.


Note, though, full-time shares really work best when each family has just one or siblings. I have done nanny shares with three families, THREE BABIES at one time it was really fun & I stay very busy.
Socialization- Allowing your child to socialize with other children is such a vital part of their development. Through a Share care arrangement, you can offer your child the benefit of having regular interaction with another child, while still being able to control important parts of their day, such as the meals they eat and their daily activities and schedules.

Who’s a good candidate for share care?

Share care is ideal for children under the age of one. Childcare options for infants are limited because babies are more expensive to care for — a daycare center is required by law to hire more people to hold, feed, and care for babies. Home daycare has even fewer slots for infants: State guidelines restrict the number they can take.

And if you want or need a more flexible schedule than centers allow, share care may work well for you. With a daycare or home daycare center, you must drop your child off and pick her up by a certain time (usually 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.), and you can’t leave her if she’s sick 7 if you’re late there is a fee of $15 every 15mins your late! Using a shared nanny means you can build in flexibility from the beginning. You may have an easier time arranging pickups and drop-offs, or at least changing your schedule if you need to (providing your nanny agrees).

Reduced Exposure to Illnesses- Any parent with a child in daycare or pre -school can attest to the increased risk of illnesses that comes along with that environment. Since your child is not around as many children , your child will likely not be sick as often. A healthier family is a happier family!

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