Sleep Training Support

Sleep training is designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night as well as take quality naps during the day. Forehead Kisses can help you establish and reinforce your babies biological sleep rhythm very gently and naturally. We use the Baby Whisper method & the old fashion way. Forehead Kisses will help you evaluate where you are currently and achieve that wonderful sleep both you and your baby want and need!

The best time is to begin is when your infant is between 3.5 months – 4 months old and at least 10 lbs. We can discuss great habits before this time that will lead up to successful sleep training.


  • 🌻8-10 hrs night care while parents sleep
  • 🌻7 nights luxury sleep training package
  • 🌻Eight-hour minimum per visit
  • 🌻The schedule can be flexible with contract
  • 🌻It can take a baby 1- 4 weeks to sleep train a baby, every baby is different

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New study, however, indicates that there are no long-term emotional harms to sleep training. “Sleep training is safe around 4 months when children are able to start to self-soothe,” says Dr. Scott Cohen of Beverly Hills Pediatrics, and author of “Eat, Sleep, Poop.”