Weekend Nanny Support

Stellar Professional Nannies & Doulas Available, were all very experienced and qualified!

Need a nanny to stay with your kids while you go on an upcoming weekend trip? Just had a baby and need some help during the weekend to sleep, do the laundry or just a few free minutes to take a shower?  You’ve come to the right place!

I can provide you with the service in your home or office, parties, hotel. Whether you need to be out of town on business, for a date night or business dinner or you have just arrived in town. Forehead Kisses Nanny will be there!

🌻Vacation without the kids? Mexico, Paris, Dubai & more! No worries Forehead Kisses Nanny will be there!

I will stay in your home, providing child care and keeping it running smoothly, or we will go along if you want to take the kids, but still would like time to yourself!

🌻Weekend or extended weekend trips
I will provide child care for those short 2-3 days get-always that make life fun. and interesting.

🌻Business trip and you want to take your spouse
You want to combine business with pleasure, but you do not have anyone to provide child care and keep the home running smoothly. I can step in and do the job, giving you peace of mind, knowing your children are well cared for.

🌻Emergency or unexpected trip or meeting
I  will come on short notice (if not previously booked) and stay up to 6 weeks.

🌻Newborn Care Specialist
The first few weeks after giving birth, especially multiples, can be overwhelming. I offer complete care for your newborn plus all related tasks along with support and assistance for you, the new mother, as you recover. I can stay as little as two weeks or as long as 3 months and cover a 10 hour shift or up to around the clock 24/7, with breaks. The choice is yours.

🌻Between Nannies
Are you in the position of needing to find a new nanny? This is a complicated process that can take longer than you might think. I can fill your position for a several weeks or months while you conduct a proper, unhurried search for the right long term nanny that fits your family. You may even choose to use my consultation services to assist with the search.

🌻Date Nights
Go ahead and Plan that Date Night! Make reservations for you and and don’t worry about the kids! Just pick up the phone and call Forehead Kisses Nanny.

🌻Nanny needs emergency leave
If she is ill or injured, or has a family emergency of her own, and needs extended time off but you still need child care.

Wedding Receptions, Office Parties, Family Reunions, Church Nurseries

In-home Gatherings
New Year’s Eve Parties
Holiday Parties
Adult Birthday Parties
Anniversary Parties
Sporting events

“I have never seen anyone better. When we were on weekend getaway vacation in Tahoe she made being a new mom so easy!  If needed, she will hold my baby for five hours with no problem and without complaint. Her level of initiative is amazing. I do not have to ask her to do anything, she just does whatever is needed for the babies.” MJ