Birth Support


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Whether it is your first or fourth, were glad you are thinking about a doula! You may have heard of the benefits of hiring a Labor Doula as a part of your birth support team. Let us give you an idea of what it will look like to have a Forehead Kisses Doula during your pregnancy and delivery. As your birth doula, it’s our goal to help you in labor to help achieve a satisfying birth experience and help you give birth in the manner you desire. 

Our Labor Support Package includes:


🌻Complimentary one-hour consultation with our Doula Team

🌻At least 2 prenatal visits- one with your Primary Doula and one with a postpartum doula from our team

🌻Unlimited texts, emails, phone calls, etc.

🌻24 hour on-call support from the time of hire

🌻At home labor support if desired

🌻Unlimited labor support by phone, text, or Skype, Facetime

🌻15 hours of continuous in-person physical and emotional support during labor

🌻Encouragement for you and your partner

🌻A postnatal visit after you and baby have settled in at home