Great Music for Kids


Is there a type of music that’s best for a child?

Let your personal preferences be your guide. If you like classical music and your baby appears to enjoy it too, go with that. Play your favorite songs (schmaltzy or not), or spice things up with Brazilian or African tunes. Anything with a good melody will do, although slow songs may work best for bedtime and fast ones for playtime.

The bottom line

Your goal should be to cultivate a love for music in your child, not to create the next Mozart. It should be about having fun and exposing your child to new sounds and rhythms.

Take your cues from your baby. Does he seem to enjoy what you play for him? Does he become animated when you belt out a certain tune? Follow his lead, and chances are you’ll raise a music lover for life.

Here are some truly enjoyable musical arrangements guaranteed to keep you and your child wiggling and giggling.

Dreamland is one of Forehead Kisses Nanny favorite CD’s


Track Listing

  1. Naima (Benin) – Angelique Kidjo
  2. Ny Fitiavako An’i Mama (Madagascar) – Erick Manana
  3. A Lullabye (Canada) – Teresa Doyle
  4. Thula Mama (South Africa) – Sibongile Khumalo
  5. Arriba Del Cielo (Mexico) – Claudia Martinez
  6. Yi-Rrana (Australia) – Letterstick Band
  7. La Vai Alguem (Brazil) – Virginia Rosa
  8. Cradle Spell Of Dunvegan (Scotland) – Lynn Morrison
  9. Numi Numi (USA) – Tanja Solnik
  10. Cradle Song (Japan) – The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra
  11. Cancion Para Dormir A Un Nino (Argentina) – Beatriz Pichi Malen

Baby Mozart, by I Think I Can Productions

Expose your baby to the music of Mozart. Proven to nurture verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, intuition, and memory, this collection of classical music is specially arranged for little ears, but will delight adult listeners as well.

Jazzabye, by Productunes

Help baby wind down after a long day with jazzy renditions of lullabye classics such as Rock-a-Bye Baby, Mockingbird, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ten Little Indians, London Bridge, and more.


This is such an amazing, beautiful lullaby CD.


“You are my little bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell! I really love this CD!


Yo Gabba Gabba will keep you & little one dancing!