Why should you hire a male nanny (manny)?

They can cook dinner. They can give hugs. And they can play football. Who says men can’t be nannies? 

Why Hire A Manny?
Everyone knows that children of both genders connect differently with males than they do with females. A balance of the two is important in child rearing, because kids learn different things about themselves and the world by interacting with both men and women. Just like girls, boys need someone to relate to, and to talk to about things boys like. Mannies fill that role, giving boys a figure to look up to, emulate and learn from. Unique among childcare providers, mannies have the coolness and confidence that boys gravitate to, and they help provide important role models for growing youngsters.

Sports & Physical Activity
Young men are typically very active, energetic and sports-oriented. These days children are more likely to have sedentary habits; often this is because they either don’t have a place to play or anyone to play with. Mannies fulfill both needs, transporting children to the park and providing them with a willing play partner. Kids love to wrestle, run and throw the ball around, and mannies are perfect for this role. Good playing skills are crucial to the physical and mental development of children, and are another clear benefit of working with a Manny.

Security and Safety
A male companion for your child is more of a visual deterrent against crime than a woman, and men are often larger and physically stronger, giving them an advantage when it comes to the personal safety of children in their care. Much like parents, the number one priority of a childcare provider is to make sure children are safe. A manny can help ward off potentially dangerous situations, and parents often feel more at ease knowing that a male is watching over their children when venturing out in public.

Curbing Gender Stereotypes
Working with a manny ensures your child will see a variety of roles and positive examples associated with both genders, and helps provide a balanced, healthy learning environment. Growing up with a manny will teach your children to think beyond outmoded stereotypes, and give them the confidence to pursue their goals – boys and girls alike.

The Caregiver As Disciplinarian
A manny might be ideal if you’re looking for someone to be a caregiver to your child as well as a disciplinarian. If you have a child who tends to test boundaries, a manny is often able to provide a more effective reminder of where those boundaries lie, and to be the “father figure” that encourages good behavior through discipline and firmness.

Single Mothers
If you’re a single mother or in an all-female house, a manny may be a sensible choice for you. A manny will provide your children with a positive male role model, and cultivate a more gender-balanced environment for their upbringing.

Disabled or Ailing Children
Often parents of disabled children prefer a manny because men tend to be stronger. If the mobility of a child is restricted, mannies can lift him or her more easily and safely, making a manny the more practical choice.

Family Dynamics & Jealousy
Some women are simply more comfortable with a manny than a female nanny because they feel proprietary about their home and husband. If having a single young female in your home presents a problem for your family dynamic, hiring a manny may help to keep your home peaceful and in balance.

Mannies Cook and Clean
Today’s men have become more domestically inclined, learning to cook, clean and keep house at an early age. Many more men are chipping in on the housework, and its a valuable skill set to pass on to children as well. It’s also healthy for children to see a wide variety of roles and positive examples associated with both genders.