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Tantrums: Strategies For Success

Tantrums: Strategies For Success As any parent can tell you, when a child starts having a meltdown, it is as frustrating as nearly anything you’ve ever dealt with. Crying, screaming – it’s noisy, painful to watch, and you’ll do anything to make it stop. After dealing with children and teens for over 20 years, I […]

Why Forehead Kisses Nanny?

Our services began many years ago with my great grandmother, a loving, devoted Nanny & doula hoping to develop a network of professional doula’s & nannies to assist the community with their individual needs. Since then, we have been serving moms and their families proudly. What Makes Forehead Kisses Nanny Different? Our Experience: Other nanny […]

10 Challenges for the nanny when the parents work from home.

When a household includes both an in-home business and in-home childcare, the situations which the nanny deals with may have some unique challenges. Discussing the various issues and keeping the communication open between employer and nanny is important in working through these situations. Noise levels – There may not be a lot of sound proofing […]

Parent’s Questions

What is a fair salary to offer my professional nanny? This will depend a lot on your location and the nanny experience . An hourly nanny rate can range from $35 to $50 + an hour. Doula rate $40 to $70 + an hour.  Share Care rate can range from $20.00 hr – $25.00 to […]

Fun ways to interact with your baby in the early months

Playing…with a tiny baby?! How do you do that with a baby as young as two months old? Actually, as babies enter the second month of life, they become noticeably more interested in the world around them. While they don’t “play” in the way that we often think of—pushing trains around a track or feeding […]

Breast Feeding & Bottle

Getting Comfortable If you’re a first-time parent, breast feeding your newborn may seem complicated until you’ve had some practice. But a little preparation can help you feel more comfortable. Before you begin nursing, take a look at your surroundings. Many mothers like to sit in a glider or in a cozy chair with armrests. Footstools […]

Why should you hire a male nanny (manny)?

They can cook dinner. They can give hugs. And they can play football. Who says men can’t be nannies?  Why Hire A Manny? Everyone knows that children of both genders connect differently with males than they do with females. A balance of the two is important in child rearing, because kids learn different things about […]

Nanny vs. Day Care

Nanny: Child illness will not prevent you from work. The common cold, ear infection or virus will be something your Forehead Kisses Nanny can care for while you’re working. If you have an older child that gets sick while at school, you will not have to leave work to go get him/her because most Nanny’s […]

Best Toys

Best Infant Toys For Baby 2-7 Months The best infant toys for this age groups is: baby playmat or play gym, stuffed animal/doll and baby mirror & books which have bold or primary colors. Baby mobiles and rattles also continue to delight your baby. However, watch your older baby carefully when she’s playing with baby […]

Special Needs

Kids With Special Needs Need Special Caregivers! Our team of caregivers have extensive experience working with special needs children. “Special needs” covers a wide assortment of diseases, disorders and disabilities. Our specialized caregivers offer expertise in many areas. From their calming personalities to their innovative caring techniques, our caregivers can make your life easier. All […]